Monday, June 6, 2011

Set Background Color in CSS

Background Colour

If you want to give a nice background color of a page , then you have to know that ,
there are three way to add background colors in css.

Background color properties

Here ,you will find a step by step instruction with example to give a background colour of any web page.
1.Create a folder with a name ,anything you like.For example Background.
2.Open Notepad. Type the following code----

3.Now save it in Background folder.Give it a name ,that is index.html
4.Open Notepad again and type this code---

5.Name it style.css ,because in the html file you create a link between this two files , index.html and style.css
that is , you import a Cascading Style Sheet file (css) to give a background color in your index page or
your web page .

6.Now double click on your index.html file.You can find your web page with desired  colours .

If you want to know , how to set an image as a background or  want to know about various web colors names then read the related Article .

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

10 Beautiful Magazine Style Blogger Templates for Free Download

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